How to Enable Folder Sharing Between Instructors


Instructors can work together on quizzes by sharing folders. A shared folder allows instructors to access all quizzes in the folder based on their permissions (view, edit). Instructors can then modify the shared quiz, add or remove questions, manage quiz settings, and view reports.


When instructors log in, they can access shared folders in their folder options.


Here's how the folder will appear in quiz maker:


Admin View

Folders in Quiz Maker


Instructor's View of the Shared Folder

Instructor view of the shared folder


Why should you share folders?


  • Collaboration: Multiple instructors can work together on quizzes.
  • Access Control: Instructors can have different levels of access to quizzes.
  • Quiz Management: Instructors can edit, manage, and view reports on shared quizzes.


This article covers the following:


How to Create a Folder


Step 1: On your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard, go to More >> Folders >> Organize Folders.


Go to Organize Folders under Folders in More dropdown


Step 2: Click +Add Folder to create a folder and enter the folder name in the text box.


Add folder


How to Add Quizzes to a Folder


Step 1: Hover over the folder name and click + Add A Quiz.


Add quizzes to a folder


Step 2: Select the quizzes from the list to add to your folder.


Select quizzes to add to the folder


You can now invite instructors to folders. Learn how to add instructors.

How to Share a Quiz Folder


Step 1: Navigate to the "Organize Folder" page from your dashboard.


Step 2: To share a folder, click "Invite" under the desired folder.


Click Invite


Step 3: In the invite section, you can do the following:

(i) Select all the instructors you wish to share the folder with.

ii) Choose the appropriate role(view, edit) for each instructor under "Permissions.

iii) Click "Assign" to share the folder. Once instructors are invited, you will receive a confirmation message.

iv) Click "Back" to return to the "Organize Folder" page.


Assign instructor(s) to the folder


An instructor can now edit/add quizzes to the shared folder as per roles and privileges assigned by the admin:


  • If you choose "View," the instructor will only be able to view the quiz.
  • But, if you choose "Edit," the instructor will be able to delete/edit their own created quiz.

To remove an instructor, simply click on the cross appearing against the instructor in the "Sharing with" column. 


Note: After an instructor is removed from a shared folder, their quiz will no longer appear in the “Shared folder.” However, it will still be available in the “All quizzes” list.



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