How to Archive Quizzes


After creating a quiz, you can archive it for future use while making it unavailable to your learners. This allows you to access the quiz later while ensuring your learners can no longer view it.


Benefits of archiving quizzes:

  • Allows you to keep a record of the quiz for future reference and analysis
  • Enables reuse or adaptation of the quiz for future classes or assessments
  • Helps stay organized and keep course materials in order


To archive quizzes:


Step 1: Go to More > Folders > Organize Folders on the quiz maker dashboard.


Open Organize Folders from the More dropdown


Step 2: Click Add Folder and enter the folder name as "Archived." 


Create a folder named Archived


Step 3: Hover over the folder name and click Add a Quiz to list quizzes you want to make available to learners.


Add quizzes to the Archived folder


Step 4: Select the quizzes and click Add to Folder.


Select quizzes to add to the folder


Step 5: Open the newly created Archived folder to find the quizzes you want to make unavailable to your learners. You can do it using any of the following methods:



Make quizzes added to the Archived folder unavailable to your learners.


Note: You can always add/remove quizzes from folders.



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