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How do I enable negative marking?

You can motivate your learners to think carefully before answering questions by using negative marking in your quizzes. By penalizing wrong answers, you discourage random guessing and help learners to focus on getting answers correct the first time and avoid hasty responses.


Conversely, you can also award learners bonus points for meeting or exceeding certain test parameters.


Note* With negative marking enabled, the lowest score that anyone can get is still zero and never negative. However, you can also do negative marking with custom grading. Custom grading allows you to set points to be added or subtracted for every answer option. This means you can set it up such as +1 points are allocated when option A is selected, while -1 is allocated when option B is selected. 


Follow the steps below to learn how to assign negative marks to quizzes. 


Step 1: Go to My Quizzes, click on "Edit Settings" for the quiz you want to assign negative marking to. 



Step 2: Under "Maximum Score", select "Assign points to each question" and then click on "Manage Point Assignment".



Step 3: Check the box for negative marking on top right and assign negative points for each question. These are points deducted if the learner answers the question incorrectly. Click on "Save" once you're done.