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How to organize quizzes in folders?

ProProfs allows you to organize your quizzes into folders. You can use folders to archive old quizzes, or just organize them for different groups or classes. 

Step 1: In My Quizzes, click "Organize Folders".



Step 2: Click "Create a Folder" to create your first folder.


Step 3: Enter the name of the folder and click "Create".


Step 4: If you want add another folder name. Click "Add New Folder", enter the folder name and click "Add Folder".


Step 5: Add quizzes to your folder by clicking on "Add a Quiz". 



Step 6: Select quizzes to add to folder and click "Add to Folder" button. 



Step 7: You can now filter by folder by using the drop down menu in My Quizzes. The drop is located to the right of "View Folder".