What Is the Best Video Format to Use in My Quizzes?


The best format to use for video or audio files is MPEG-4/AVC. This ensures that your learners can access the videos in your quiz from any mobile device such as iPad, iPhone, Android and operating software including Mac, Windows, Linux, and more. However, we understand that compressing video files, often is a cumbersome process for our users. Keeping this in mind, we introduced our video encoding technology, which makes creating quizzes a smooth process for you as it allows you to upload videos in almost any format and still get awesome video playback across all kinds of devices.


You can upload any video/audio file in the following formats and it will be automatically converted so that your learners can watch the video from any smartphone, browser or operating platform:


  • FLV
  • MP3
  • MP4 
  • 3GP 
  • AVI 
  • F4V
  • M4V 
  • MOV 
  • MPEG 
  • WMV



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