What Is the Difference Between Quiz Maker and Training Maker?


ProProfs Quiz Maker is a test-making software for creating and delivering online assessments. You can create scored quizzes to test learners' knowledge or personality quizzes to assess employees' personality types. Online quizzes find multiple uses, such as in a corporate environment for employee tests & assessments or in an educational set-up for assessing students’ knowledge and learning styles. 

ProProfs Training Maker is an online training or course-making software. You can use it to create online courses & online training. Your training programs and online courses can include quizzes, polls, surveys, and flashcards. These can be created using other ProProfs online tools such as ProProfs Quiz Maker, ProProfs Surveys, ProProfs Polls, ProProfs Flashcards etc, which come bundled with Training Maker at no additional cost. ProProfs Training Maker integrates with these tools such that any content you create using these tools can be added to the course with a single click. 


What is the main difference between the two?

The central difference between the two products is that Quiz Maker is designed just for testing, while Training Maker is for teaching/training (which may include testing). Use Quiz Maker if you need to test students. If you are looking to teach & train (and then test their knowledge), then Training Maker is the right product and comes bundled with Quiz Maker for any testing.



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