Is ProProfs Quiz Maker SCORM Compliant?


Yes, ProProfs Quiz Maker is SCORM (SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004) compliant.

ProProfs Quiz Maker allows the creation of SCORM-compliant quizzes, tests, online assessments, etc. ProProfs Quiz Maker also integrates with ProProfs Training Maker (a full-blown cloud LMS tool with the ability to create & deliver courses and additional learning content). Your quizzes will work on both desktop web browsers and mobile devices both.


It will let you access detailed quiz reports (such as who took your quiz, their score, what content they viewed in your quiz, etc.) and view learners’ interactions without logging into the ProProfs LMS.

Learn more about capturing quiz reports using SCORM LRS.


NOTE: SCORM doesn’t skimp on features such as randomized questions, shuffled order, etc.



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