How to Show Custom Questions on a Quiz Certificate


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With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can easily customize and brand quiz certificates.  


You can either:

  • Use one of our ready-made templates to create quiz certificates in minutes 
  • Design your certificate that shows the answers of quiz-takers to the custom questions, you have asked them at the beginning of the quiz. 

What are custom questions?

You can capture specific details of quiz takers such as their names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. before they begin a quiz.


You can also ask them custom questions using  'Choose from list' or 'Write in textbox' question type. These details will be asked at the beginning of the quiz and will reflect on the certificate at the end. In the below image Question 1 is 'Choose from list' while Question 2 is 'Write in textbox'.


Let's look at the steps on how to add custom questions to the quiz certificate.


Step 1. Go to "Security" settings tab and select 'Yes' for "Ask my own question," to create a custom question.



Step 2.  In the "General Settings" tab, select "Yes" against the "Completion certificate" and click "Edit."  



Step 3. You can either select a certificate template from the library or you can upload a certificate image (with your colors, logo, and text) that you want to customize. Click "Customize This Certificate."



Step 4. Drag and drop the custom fields along with the custom question to the certificate. You can also customize the Format (Font, Font size, color). Click "Save & Done."



Step 5. Click "Done" to complete the customizing process. 


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