How to Integrate HubSpot With Quiz Maker


ProProfs captures learners' information (name and email) and automatically adds them as a lead in HubSpot. This information can also be sent to various lists in your HubSpot account.


The HubSpot integration with ProProfs Quiz Maker boosts your email marketing efforts by creating segmented lists of your leads and enhancing overall traffic and bottom line.


Benefits of integrating HubSpot with ProProfs Quiz Maker:


  • Grow subscriber lists
  • Automate importing & segmentation of leads
  • Enhance email marketing campaigns


Let’s look at how you can set up this integration in a few steps:


Step 1: To start importing the details of the learners every time they take a quiz, start by selecting the quiz you want to use and navigate to "Settings."


Go to Quiz Settings


Step 2: Navigate to the “Security” tab and locate "Tracking Configuration." Enable information to capture. You can also ask your own questions to capture the quiz taker's info.


Enable information to collect from Quiz Takers


Step 3: Navigate to the "Integrations" tab, locate "HubSpot," and select "Yes" to integrate.


Enable HubSpot Integration from the List


Step 4:  A pop-up with integration information will appear. Click Next.


Integration Information Pop-up


Step 5: Enter the API key and click Next. You can get the API key from your Hubspot account.


Enter API Key obtained from your HubSpot account


Step 6: In the next pop-up, you will see two drop-down menus.

  • Select List: In this drop-down, you can select the contact list where the learner's data will be added.
  • Contact: The contact drop-down has two options: Create and Update. The Create option adds the learner's credentials as a new contact.
    Whereas Update checks if the learner already exists in your contact lists, and if they do, their credentials are simply updated. If they are not on the list, their credentials are added as a new contact.


Select List


Your Hubspot Integration with ProProfs Quiz Maker is successful. 



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