How to Capture Quiz Reports in a Tin Can/Scorm Compliant LRS


ProProfs Quiz Maker is Tin Can API and SCORM (SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004) compliant, allowing you to instantly record and view data such as quiz reports and learner interactions (with the quiz content) in your SCORM Cloud LRS.


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In this article, you’ll learn:


  1. Setting up a Tin Can/SCORM Compliant LRS
  2. Viewing Learning Reports in the LRS


How to Set up a Tin Can/SCORM Compliant LRS


You can set up a hosted Tin Can SCORM LRS in a matter of minutes. The LRS is a reliable place to accept and store interactions of learners with your quiz content. ProProfs automatically sends detailed activity streams to your SCORM LRS as soon as learners take the quiz.


NOTE: Even if a learner doesn't complete the quiz and attempts only a few questions, the interactions are still recorded in your SCORM LRS.

Step 1: Log in to your SCORM LRS.


Scorm LRS login window


Step 2:  Go to “Apps/API” and click “Details” of your application. You can also get App ID from here. 


scorm LRS application window


Step 3:  Copy the “Secret Key.”


scorm LRS secret keys


Step 4: Navigate to xAPI LRS and locate the endpoint URL under the LRS Endpoints tab.


scorm LRS endpoint URL


Step 5: Log in to your ProProfs Quiz Maker account in a new tab and navigate to quiz settings. 


Step 6: In the quiz settings, 


  • Go to Advanced > Notification via TinCan API and select Yes to enable the notifications.

  • Enter the Endpoint, Secret Key, and App ID.

  • Click Save to apply the changes.  


Scorm LRS details


The user will now get the quiz notification via Tin Can API.


How to View Learning Reports in the LRS


In your Scorm LRS account, go to xAPI LRS and select your app from the dropdown list to view the statements.



Here’s how the learning reports appear when your quiz is taken



That is all about capturing quiz reports in a Tin Can/Scorm Compliant LRS.



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