How to Set Up My Quiz for Sale


With ProProfs, you can make money online by selling your quizzes. Even if you don't have a website with an e-commerce platform, you can easily set up your sellers account on ProProfs Store and start getting paid from the very first month. The image below shows you how your quiz will appear on ProProfs Store, once you've set a price for it. 



Watch the video to learn how you can sell quizzes online



Important Questions & Their Answers:


Can I post a quiz on my website?
Yes, you can embed quizzes to your website and even brand and customize their look and feel to make them blend with your website's content. No programming is needed - just copy & paste a code we provide.


How and when do I get paid?
You get paid once a month via PayPal. We notify you right away of any sale and you can see your pending payments and balance due at any time in your dashboard.


Is there a listing fee?
None. We get paid when you get paid.


How much do you charge?
It's free to list a quiz for sale. We take 20% of the transaction and pay you 80% of the proceeds. Our 20% includes all merchant account/gateway and any marketing fee at our end. You can also set your own payment mechanism and use us just for quiz delivery inside of your website. In such a case, you just pay the regular subscription fee.


Can I make some free, some paid and some private quizzes?
Yes, you can set permissions for each quiz as needed.


Do you help me sell my quiz?
Yes, we promote the quizzes that do well on our website, in search engines, web marketing channels and in other partnership avenues.


Can I create a bundle for sale?
Yes - simply create the listing for sale of the bundle. On the backend, create a "group" that gives access to all related quizzes. For each sale, give access to the group. If you have more questions on this, we are here to help. Contact us on


Follow the steps below to learn how you can set-up your quiz for sale.


Step 1. Select Market & Sell tab in Settings and then click on Free.



Step 2: Set a price, access limit and enable listing on the ProProfs Store. Then, Click on Set Price.





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