How to Delete a User


With GDPR in effect from 25th May 2018, every user has a right to erasure of their data. Quiz Maker allows administrators to remove their end-users data to help serve users' data rights. Learn more about GDPR and the right to erasure.


Note: Deleting a user will also delete their entire data including their quiz or course reports.


Here's how you can delete users individually or in bulk:


Step 1: On your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard, click Users.



Step 2: You can see all the users along with their details such as Name, Email, ID, Quizzes Enrolled, Groups, and Date Added.



Step 2.1: To delete, either select users individually or click the checkbox beside the Name column, and Delete.



Step 2.2: Confirm by clicking Delete.



Step 3: Alternatively, you can also delete users through MS Excel. To do that, click + New User.



Step 3.1: Click Microsoft Excel.



Step 3.2: Download the sample file.



Step 3.3: Enter user details under their respective columns. Any user that you want to remove, write Delete as their status under the Status column, as shown in the screenshot below.



Step 3.4: Save this Excel file and upload it by following Step 3 to Step 3.1. Once the file is uploaded, you should be able to observe that the users with Delete as their status have been removed.



How do I delete users' reports?


Step 4: Select a user, move the mouse pointer over Reports and click Quizzes Taken.



Step 5: Select a report and Delete.





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