Overview of Account Settings


Access your Quiz Maker profile through account settings. Make changes to suit your needs. Options allow you to 'change your password, email address, and time zone. You can enable email notifications, set up your seller account, add instructors, view invoices, update credit card details, and access your API key.


To access your quiz maker account settings, navigate to "My Account."


You can customize different aspects of your quiz maker account. For instance, click "View Invoices" to view or download your receipts or "Update Credit Card" to change your billing details, or you can change your password by clicking "Change Password" and email by editing the 'Email' textbox. You can select a different time zone for your account by clicking "Change This" under Your Time Zone. You can choose to set up email notifications through the checkbox option under 'Alerts.' 


Selling quizzes is simple with ProProfs Quiz Maker, select "My Seller Account" from account settings to set up your seller account.


Add new instructors to your classroom, click "My Instructors" from account settings.



Click "Save Settings" to implement the changes.


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