Why Is Proprofs Better Than A Downloadable Software?


ProProfs is a SaaS solution with no software to download and learn. You can start using ProProfs as soon as you sign up as there is practically zero learning curve.


Unlike traditional downloadable software, ProProfs is a fully hosted, powerful simple solution with advanced features and premium benefits:


Affordable pricing: ProProfs offers a flexible and affordable pricing model, which suits the needs of instructors, educational organizations, SMEs, and even large enterprises. Downloadable software usually has a stock pricing model, which is out of the reach of instructors and SMEs.  
Full data backup: Your data is securely hosted on ProProfs servers with full backup and instant recovery, even if you accidently delete any data. With downloadable software, you need to create your own data back up and there is always the danger of data loss in case of an accident or hardware corruption. 
Short update cycle: With downloadable software, upgrades are few and far between as there is a long upgrade cycle. ProProfs follows a short update cycle, with software upgrades happening almost every week, so that you get the most up to date software.  
Zero infrastructure costs: Unlike downloaded software, for which you require in-house hosting solutions, ProProfs comes as software as a service, so there’s no requirement for any hardware or infrastructure, at you end. 
Anytime anywhere access: As long as you have an active Internet connection, you can access ProProfs from anywhere and at anytime. This means that your learners or employees will be able to take the tests from homes or multiple sites. With downloadable software, this is not possible.


No maintenance costs: You need to maintain the downloaded software by yourself or an IT team. With ProProfs, there are no additional charges for maintenance and we regularly conduct system maintenance so that you get a fast and reliable service.


Cross Device Compatibility: The quizzes you create with ProProfs Quiz Maker, run across all kinds of mobile devices and platforms such as iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and more. Downloaded software, may not run on mobile devices and can be incompatible with certain platforms such as Mac, Linux etc.


No installation fee: With ProProfs there is no installation fee or set-up cost. Proprietary software may charge extra for setting up the software for you. In the case of open source software such as Moodle, the vendor charges you for installation, maintenance and support.


Simple and easy: ProProfs SaaS Quiz Maker is simple and easy tool to use with zero learning curve. All you need is a web browser and Internet connection. Proprietary software can take you days if not weeks for installation and set up, whereas a SaaS solution like ProProfs can be used from day one as soon as you sign up.

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