How to Enable Google Single Sign-on Login for a Classroom


ProProfs Training Maker supports Single Sign-On(SSO) to login to your classroom to authenticate your learners using Google's authentication. Google sign-in is a secure authentication system that allows learners to sign-in with their Google account without having to remember multiple credentials. Just sign in the way you usually do to access Gmail, Google Play, and other Google web services. 


Any learner who logs in to your classroom is automatically redirected to a page where they can choose to sign in via Google. A learner needs to have a google account to access this feature.


Here's how to enable Single Sign-on for classroom login:


Step 1: Log into your account and click "Users." 



Step 2: Click "Edit" under classroom tab.



Step 3: Click "Welcome Screen" tab.



Step 4: Click "Registration Form," enable "Allow registration via Google" toggle button to 'Yes.'  Enable the toggle buttons for fields that the users have to enter for authentication.



Step 5:  Click "Save & Exit."



Here's a preview of Single Sign-on authentication:


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