How Does Quiz Maker Work With Poor Internet Connection?


ProProfs Quiz Maker is web-based software (software as a service). This offers the benefit that you and your learner can access your quizzes from any computer, phone, tablet or any device - anytime, anywhere. The only requirement for this is that the quizzes need to be accessed via a web browser actively connected to the Internet. 


Benefits of web based Quiz Software:


  1. Cross device compatibility ensures your quizzes run across all kinds of mobile devices and platforms such as iPhone, Android etc. 
  2. Seamless upgrades of the quiz software, with no download required, ensuring that you get the most up to date software.
  3. Full backup and automatic recovery of all your data, with support and maintenance auto-magically done. 
  4. No hardware requirements at your end, all you need is a gadget connected to the Internet to access your quizzes.
  5. World class service and support, with 24/7 email support, priority phone support, free updates, bug fixes, puduct guides, vidoeo tutorials & more.
  6. Advanced security features such as password protection, SSL encryption, individual student/trainee accounts and quiz expiry dates.


Tips for environments with poor internet connection


  1. Avoid adding media: Do not add videos or large image files. These can make pages slow to load and drastically increase bandwdith requirement. 
  2. Display all questions on one page: Use the settings to set all questions on one page. This loads the entire quiz in one step and connects back on completion.  It offers a good experience in case of intermittent internet connection. 
  3. Use Save & Pause: Tell students to press save & pause when they are half way through so data is stored periodiclally.
  4. Make short tests: Make series of short tests as opposed to a single long one, so that students can complete it quickly and easily.


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